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Fun Facts About Josh

  • I love my wife and three awesome pups.
  • I play more video games than I care to admit.
  • I love anything tech related.
  • I watch Food Network much more than I cook.
  • I am usually up in the AM but I am not a morning person.
  • I get lost in YouTube for hours and have to disable it at work.

Fun Facts About Jessica

  • I love animals, espeically my dogs.
  • I’m obsessed with Harry Potter. I have been to the Wizarding World three times and can’t want to go back again.
  • I watch murder mystery shows while I edit photos. (Investigation Discovery is my jam!)
  • Since I mostly work from home I tend to be an introvert and I am known to be shy.
  • Target is my favorite store. I somehow always leave there with something that wasn’t even on my list.

Call us at 330-707-6520


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